DJ USK - Rapcore Pride Vol.5 Exclusive Mix

過去何度かここやらTwitter上で限定でUPしてたRapcore Pride Vol.5で配ったMIXをSound CloudにUP致しました。


Mixture,RapcoreからHardcore Hip Hop,Britcoreな内容になっています。

DJ USK - Rapcore Pride Vol.5 Exclusive Mix(2010.7).mp3 by DJ USK(Britcore Boyz)

DJ USK(Britcore Boyz) - Rapcore Pride Vol.5 Exclusive Mix(2010.7)


2.Blackeyed Blonde - Beb Jam
3.Koma Mobb - Koma Mobb Fur Immer
4.Faith No More & Boo-Yaa T.R.I.B.E. - Another Body Murdered(Remix)
5.Gunshot - Mind Of A Razor(Jagged Edge Remix)
6.The Whooliganz featuring B Real - Whooliganz(Tim Simenon Soundclash)
7.Puff Daddy featuring Mista Chuck Of Confrontation Camp - P.E. 2000(Rock Mix)
8.Keilerkopf - Ja ja(Leck' mich am Arsch)
9.F.A.B - Modekiddiejunk
10.The Stalker - I Don't Think
11.Vicious Rumor Club - Whole Lotta Love(Tough Edit)
12.No Remorze - Dark Malice ´95
13.Honky - What's Goin Down(Censored Version)
14.The Hard Corps - Back In Black(Extended Mix)
15.Mark B & Blade - Ya Don't See The Signs(Grant Nicholas Remix)
16.Anthrax featuring Chuck D from Public Enemy - Bring The Noise

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